29 September 2017



Mati dah conversation? Ke aku yang dah tak pandai nak sembang dengan kau sekarang?

16 September 2017

No Expectation


Dear Heart,

You heard it right kan tadi? And you saw it too. Previously you are the only girl in our environment. It only manners. He just be he, and you should be you. As always, no feeling.

As you have been informed, he likes someone else. You can see how the girl look at him and her answer to the question. You have been in the situation, got experience. You should know better.

Stop crying for a guy, they not worth your tears.


20 August 2017

Good luck MIRA!


Back to 2015, when I am done with MIAT and starting to work my weight drop drastically. Bila aku decide untuk stop jog setiap petang starting from Ramadhan, dan aku makan sangat sikit sebab takde selera. Tapi, lepas raya aku makan banyak lagi. I do not know how, tapi kaki aku memang kecik gila. Macam muscle drop. 

Aku sedar berat aku turun mendadak bila aku start kerja kat Maybank. Then, I am starting to eat a lot. Managed to be normal again, I guess picture above when I was 55 kg and managed to keep maintained it.

Then, I resigned from Maybank and jobless for 2 months. Successfully to maintain my weight. But once I get a new job, I start to gain weight. After 8 months, I gain 7 kg. Hahaha, gila ar! Early 2017, I gain 8 kg! Weyh, my whole life my weight never exceed 58 kg duhh.

August 2017, still working out to loose that 8 kg. Last Ramadhan managed to get 59 kg, but as Mira will always be, she loves to eat so back to 63 kg. Hahaha. Now, I am trying to cut my food. Makan berat lunch je. Frequently jog, exercise and My sister and I start to join kickboxing class.

Slowly to loose the fat, I can feel my hip bone again. But I think my butt, erghhhh! Target aku sekarang, at least dapat kurangkan perut, then marilah kita menuju 55 kg.

Good luck MIRA!

19 August 2017

Sunyi, kot


Aku rasa, aku dah sampai fasa yang aku dah rasa sunyi dengan hidup aku. Hahaha. Serius kadang kadang aku rasa sunyi. Lagi lagi bila semua kawan baik kau semua dah berpasangan. Aku je sorang sorang kat sini, hahaha.

Lagi terasa, bila kau nak pegi mana mana tapi takde siapa nak teman. Dah lah kawan tak ramai, ajak orang yang sama je. End up, I went alone. Ha. Ha. Ha. Your life are miserable Mira.

I keep telling my friend, find me a boyfriend. I being serious. Tapi aku taknak, ermmm... if you get what I mean. Ahhh, mesti kau xfaham. Abaikan je.
Erghh, I hate this kind of feeling!

15 August 2017

Have you..?


Have you ever, see a guy and you know he is the one?

Have you ever, pray so hard that one day he will be yours?

Have you ever, tried so hard to get his attention so he will know your existence?

Have you ever, smile for the whole day because a hi from him?

Have you ever, cry because he just break up with his girlfriend?

Have you ever, being jealous because of his ex's younger sister?

Have you ever, being so happy just being with him?

Have you ever, love me..?

27 July 2017

A Miracle


Bila bosan scroll Facebook, Instagram. Penuh dengan gambar bertunang, kawin, pregnant dan pegang anak.

Aku? Wating for a miracle

Ha. Ha. Ha. Kesian..

03 July 2017



Dear Heart,

I can foresee that now you have some expectation. You shouldn't have, even a slightest. Don't you learn from before? You may end up, hurt..